We first fell in love with the Bolognese at Crufts in March 2004 when the breed was still extremely rare in the UK. During the summer of that year we were fortunate to meet Gina and Martin Taylor at a Championship Show with their beautiful show-winning Bolognese and are still grateful to them for letting us have our dear little Cipi, Fabio Miss Cipriani of Tenderella, in January 2005. She was so very sweet and gave us so much joy but sadly she passed away in July 2015, leaving us with many fond memories and, of course, the Bolognese from her litter, including Tino, who went on to sire litters with both Whisper and Bettina, the dam of our own Fizzy, who is the third generation and reminds us in many ways of Cipi.

Mary Elizabeth Poulter
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