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Tenderella Puppies

Bolognese are delightful companion dogs with charisma and charm. In the right home they provide years of pure pleasure. Their loyalty, antics and devotion to their owners and family can be enjoyed as they mature from inquisitive puppies through to mischievous adolescents into adorable adult dogs.

Our puppies are very special to us. We are, therefore, very selective as to their new owners and we must be forgiven for carefully ensuring that they go to suitable homes. Our policy is to interview all prospective owners and in all cases to insist that, in the event of incompatibility, puppies are returned to our care immediately and not sold on or passed to rescue centres. We offer a graduated refund policy for this purpose; the details of which are contained within our Conditions of Sale.

Export enquiries are considered. However, we do not sell to dealers or in multiples. Our puppies will be released only to loving pet homes and, in all instances, the purchaser must collect in person. References may also be required.

Starter kit

We provide a starter kit for new pet Bolognese owners which is included in the price of the puppy. This is not optional as we consider it to be essential for both our puppies and also for the new owners.

This kit includes the following essential items:

paw A puppy harness and lead;
paw Hills Science Diet puppy food;
paw Grooming equipment;
paw Shampoo;
paw Stainless steel water and feeding bowls;
paw Owner’s guidance notes;
paw Weekly photographs of the progress of puppies.

Tenderella puppies are vaccinated and wormed as required by their age and micro-chipped. They are Kennel Club Registered and their individual pedigree certificates are provided. Six weeks free pet insurance is also provided with the Kennel Club Registration documents.

In addition to this we offer a complimentary grooming lesson to all new owners which can be taken either at the time of collection or at a later date if preferred. We also provide grooming back up if the owners of our puppies require assistance with grooming at any stage.

Our puppies are bred and raised to be loving, healthy pets to be fit and suitable for the purpose they have always been intended as companions and family pets.  Their every need is catered for at all stages in order to ensure they are happy, bright and full of fun. We nurture them from the  earliest opportunity to ensure they will join their new owners pre-loaded with love and affection and, above all, that they will become totally bonded to their human companions.

Our puppies are never kennelled or caged. They are raised in playpens in our home always within our sight or hearing 24 hours a day. At the end of their early weeks of life with us and their dams they are balanced, sound, happy puppies ready to go to their new homes to become adorable little white shadows.
Our puppies are intended to be pets rather than show dogs. Some Tenderella puppies have been taken to shows for fun and to support the breed. 

However, without doubt, their happiest days are spent with their owners being part of the family enjoying going for walks, meeting people, playing, being cuddled and carried or just sitting on their owners’ sofas or beds.

The Bolognese is a rare breed.  The gene pool is small, however diverse.  Dogs have been imported into the UK over recent years from various and different countries in Europe where they have been bred in small numbers for centuries.  The influx since the introduction of the Pet Passport has established a broad base from which balanced breeding lines are now being developed.  Only around 100 puppies were registered in the UK last year. 

The breed is very special and we, as breeders, are being very diligent in protecting their health and temperaments. With so few puppies being available we are not looking for owners; generally they are looking for us. 

We insist that potential owners visit us at our home in Tenterden prior to any commitment. We believe it to be essential that the puppy people fall in love with turns into the dog that will suit their lifestyle. This `test drive’, where the opportunity to meet our dogs is provided ,is compulsory at the Tenderella Bolognese Partnership.

The Bolognese is a relatively new breed to the UK and the availability of puppies is outstripped by demand. Potential owners should be aware that it might be necessary to wait for several months before adoption can be organised. The wait, however, is well worth it.

For every puppy homed we make a meaningful donation to either the Bolognese or the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Funds.  In this way our happy puppies and their owners help those in need.

About ourselves

As a child Mary always had a pet dog. The fact that she was always to be seen with a dog taking her for a walk was even mentioned in one of the speeches at our wedding.

Mark with her spaniel Mary with a pet

We are from professional backgrounds, Mary having started her career as a Primary School Teacher and Ian in the world of Architecture.  We established and ran our own Architectural Practice for many years.

Mary with one of her pets Mary with a pet

Dogs have been a very important part of our lives.  We have owned four beautiful Old English Sheepdogs which meant more to us than words can express.

Mary with one of our Old English Sheepdogs Mary and dogs

Our lovely Penny, Katy, Souffle and Tiramisu all came to work at our
High Street office with us every day where they were adored by so many
people in our little town.

Mary and Old English Sheepdog Mary with Bolognese

In 2004 we literally discovered the Bolognese at `Discover Dogs’ and fell head over heels  in love with them.  Everything about them appealed to us particularly their happy little personalities.  They truly are Italy’s bestkept secret and a lost treasure that, until recently, had not found its way to the UK.

Our passion is to share with others the wonderful experience of dog ownership and to breed perfect little companion dogs to suit the lifestyles of 21st century owners. We have established a new style of breeding establishment, the sole purpose of which is to bring into the world each year a handful of beautiful puppies capable of bringing true happiness to the lives of their owners.

Although we like to support the breed at Crufts, and we have held the Tenderella Affix since 1997, we are not centred on the world of Dog Showing. 
Our breeding is for devoted little pets.  Our approach is fresh, ethical and unique.  Our dogs and their puppies come first; it’s as simple as that.

Mary and puppies

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